Monday, 31 October 2011

All 3 boys for a family date out

This is a fairly recent pic of all 3 boys; Pat, Tom & Joe.   This was taken on our way out to one of my favourite restaurants - Sake.   By far the best Japanese food I have ever tasted.   The way the food is presented is nothing short of food art.  I guess by some peoples standards you may say our kids have got adventurous taste buds.  They know a great restaurant when they see one. 

A special treat for all of us on a Sunday evening!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

A new hallway... hi honey I'm home

Our new hallway is a big open and welcoming entrance now.   

From the front door looking to the back of the house

Image from

The floors are ironbark and are high gloss.  (My husbands only request with the extension... he said you have chosen everything else etc...)   I thought the matt finish may have been a little more practical but all in all they look quite fine.   The man that sanded the new ironbark timber said that it lends itself to a high gloss as the timbers had come up so nicely.

Our boys often run down the hallway chasing each other or when Dad comes home at night.  

The original house had it's only bathroom in the middle of the house virtually.  You would come in the front door walk 5 metres and then be faced with a white rendered wall, which was the bathroom.  It was a beautiful original bathroom and had it not been in the centre of the now new early part of the hallway we would have kept it.   Complete with white pedestal sink, two gorgeous cute mottled glass windows, cute shaving cabinet, deep white cast iron and built in bath, black and mostly white mosaic floor tiles.

Might I add it's often not this immaculate.... cleaner had just been when I had taken these snaps.  

Inspiration was taken from childrens movie 'The Pacifier' for our staircase.   Great movie not just for kids, great laugh for the parents too.

Anyone else get house inspiration from a movie?

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Good things come in brown packages

Love it - when you see 'that' package on the front verandah that you have been waiting for.  12 crystal knobs.

Admittedly it is way more exciting when I receive a package from New York!!!  That is another story.

A couple of days ago I had two wardrobes installed into my middle son's room.     Also a 5 drawer in built long seat in the master bedroom.  Like a window seat but not beneath a window if you know what I mean.

Neither room with it's new cabinetry is looking quite swisho yet as these beautiful knobs aren't installed yet.  Need to get the long part of the screw that screws into the crystal knob cut down a little.   Luckily the cabinetry guy will be back tomorrow to finish off something little to the wardrobes.   

Not too handy in the tools department.

Don't you agree that a knob can really finish off something nicely or really let a piece of furniture or a kitchen down.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Making trash a treasure

After shot

 Absolutely love finding an unloved item in someone's trash or council clean up.   With a little time, imagination and money you can always bring it back to life.  
Unfortunately I didn't get a before pic but it had springs hanging out of the bottom and the covering fabric was an old corded velvety red.   Looked as though the whole thing was gathering cobwebs and in someones shed for a long while.

I should've oiled it with the restore oil with fine steel wool first from the antique shop.... Not to worry I will cover all the fabric and be careful not to be messy with the oil.

Love the chair and the way my upholstery man did it.  It was covered beautifully with piping trim and resprung underneath.

So exciting when you get something back from the upholstery store!!

We have a roman blind in our room in the same fabric.

Also love it when a piece of furniture has a little story of it's own.

Arms need some moisture

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Very nice progress...

After moving from our first home and not carrying through with our plans of a pool and an extension (long story!) my two eldest boys couldn't believe it when they finally saw tractors turning up in our relatively new backyard to start digging a pool.   They were both up early before school to watch the first day of action.    

Using a pool company that had been around for a long time and a great Construction Manager really helped the whole process.

The backyard came with an original Hills Hoist which had been here since 1934 I am quite sure; very cute.

Monday, 17 October 2011

- More than words cont ... -

Two more beautiful ones I had to add.

- More than just words -

Last week I bought a gorgeous hard cover book at a home ware shop. You can never have too many good quality coffee table books.

The above words by Oprah Winfrey occupied one of the pages. So true.

Have to fly and get my boys off to school. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Having a cup of green tea while I 'pen' my first post. Not quite sure how this is going to all flow,  have been loving reading other blogs and I am now diving into the blogging world so we'll see how it goes!!!  

I am a wife to a busy man, a mother to three beautiful boys and I love indulging in interior design magazines, love renovating, hanging out with my boys, taking photos, going to beautiful restaurants, boutique shopping & catching up with family and friends.

The last couple of years have been particularly busy in a good way with the five of us living through a renovation.    We are the second owners of a double brick home built in 1936.   We bought the home from a lady that was 101 who I believe lived here all her married life.    We felt very privileged to get this home as it was well sought after and we wanted to do the renovation justice as the backyard is so beautiful and we felt we owed it to the home.   The home backs onto a 26 acre reserve and our boys along with our pet labrador Nellie love the feeling that it goes on and on.     When my brothers and sisters and I grew up we used to play in the same reserve.

A picture of the back of the house not long after we purchased it.

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