Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Good things come in brown packages

Love it - when you see 'that' package on the front verandah that you have been waiting for.  12 crystal knobs.

Admittedly it is way more exciting when I receive a package from New York!!!  That is another story.

A couple of days ago I had two wardrobes installed into my middle son's room.     Also a 5 drawer in built long seat in the master bedroom.  Like a window seat but not beneath a window if you know what I mean.

Neither room with it's new cabinetry is looking quite swisho yet as these beautiful knobs aren't installed yet.  Need to get the long part of the screw that screws into the crystal knob cut down a little.   Luckily the cabinetry guy will be back tomorrow to finish off something little to the wardrobes.   

Not too handy in the tools department.

Don't you agree that a knob can really finish off something nicely or really let a piece of furniture or a kitchen down.


  1. They are gorgeous! I hope you post photos of the furniture/ wardrobes when the knobs are installed. Very pretty and you are so right about the knobs and handles finishing of a project.

    Kel x

  2. Thanks Kel, thought you would appreciate them.

    Finished pics to be posted shortly, hopefully my cabinetry man will turn up tomorrow. Funny feeling he won't though as he hasn't called yet.

    Couldn't believe how hard he worked all day Monday and it was such a hot day! I am sure tradesmen like him don't get paid nearly enough for the sweat he was pouring out.

    Couldn't help him much more but keep the drinks up to him.

    ; L


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