Having a cup of green tea while I 'pen' my first post. Not quite sure how this is going to all flow,  have been loving reading other blogs and I am now diving into the blogging world so we'll see how it goes!!!  

I am a wife to a busy man, a mother to three beautiful boys and I love indulging in interior design magazines, love renovating, hanging out with my boys, taking photos, going to beautiful restaurants, boutique shopping & catching up with family and friends.

The last couple of years have been particularly busy in a good way with the five of us living through a renovation.    We are the second owners of a double brick home built in 1936.   We bought the home from a lady that was 101 who I believe lived here all her married life.    We felt very privileged to get this home as it was well sought after and we wanted to do the renovation justice as the backyard is so beautiful and we felt we owed it to the home.   The home backs onto a 26 acre reserve and our boys along with our pet labrador Nellie love the feeling that it goes on and on.     When my brothers and sisters and I grew up we used to play in the same reserve.

A picture of the back of the house not long after we purchased it.