Making trash a treasure

After shot

 Absolutely love finding an unloved item in someone's trash or council clean up.   With a little time, imagination and money you can always bring it back to life.  
Unfortunately I didn't get a before pic but it had springs hanging out of the bottom and the covering fabric was an old corded velvety red.   Looked as though the whole thing was gathering cobwebs and in someones shed for a long while.

I should've oiled it with the restore oil with fine steel wool first from the antique shop.... Not to worry I will cover all the fabric and be careful not to be messy with the oil.

Love the chair and the way my upholstery man did it.  It was covered beautifully with piping trim and resprung underneath.

So exciting when you get something back from the upholstery store!!

We have a roman blind in our room in the same fabric.

Also love it when a piece of furniture has a little story of it's own.

Arms need some moisture