A new hallway... hi honey I'm home

Our new hallway is a big open and welcoming entrance now.   

From the front door looking to the back of the house

Image from allstarpics.net

The floors are ironbark and are high gloss.  (My husbands only request with the extension... he said you have chosen everything else etc...)   I thought the matt finish may have been a little more practical but all in all they look quite fine.   The man that sanded the new ironbark timber said that it lends itself to a high gloss as the timbers had come up so nicely.

Our boys often run down the hallway chasing each other or when Dad comes home at night.  

The original house had it's only bathroom in the middle of the house virtually.  You would come in the front door walk 5 metres and then be faced with a white rendered wall, which was the bathroom.  It was a beautiful original bathroom and had it not been in the centre of the now new early part of the hallway we would have kept it.   Complete with white pedestal sink, two gorgeous cute mottled glass windows, cute shaving cabinet, deep white cast iron and built in bath, black and mostly white mosaic floor tiles.

Might I add it's often not this immaculate.... cleaner had just been when I had taken these snaps.  

Inspiration was taken from childrens movie 'The Pacifier' for our staircase.   Great movie not just for kids, great laugh for the parents too.

Anyone else get house inspiration from a movie?

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