Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bubble, Bubble toil and trouble!!!

Popped the retro Christmas apron on and started baking the first couple of Christmas cakes for the festive season.

It's rare that I go through the bottle shop before midday, but I did today!! Feels like Christmas when you are purchasing alcohol (sherry in todays case) for baking before lunch.

The boys love giving home made fruit cakes and the like to our neighbours and good friends. All cellophaned up with the Christmas ribbon and cute tag always looks good.

At Christmas time I think we all make allowances with butter and cream. Looking at the butter bubbling away i know it's a little like the kids can sometimes be ....'naughty but nice'.

Mmmm anyone doing fat free yummy things for Christmas or going the whole full cream indulgent way with all the trimmings?

So yesterday - love you all ... little bits of Vintage

Finding something at an op shop, antique clearing sale, school fair or second hand furniture store is my thing. Mixing up the old with the new and sticking with the classics in an eclectic way.

Many of the homeware stores today, you may have noticed are selling reproduction furniture and some of them look quite cheaply made. Some look fabulous too, but I just find when you are looking for a special piece it's so much nicer if it makes it's own statement. You don't want the same as Joe Bloggs around the corner! Each to their own, but I love a good piece of real furniture, some history attached. Even if a little restoring is required or re-upholstering... that is easily fixed.

Stirred up by a blog I follow Andrea has a great blog and has dared all her blog followers to go vintage this week. Check out her blog if you are not already a follower; it's fab!

Here's a few bits and pieces I have around me that are vintage. Love them all.

Made in Hawaii - USA on the tag / Cute clutch

The necklace my Dad gave my Mum on their engagement - almost a choker

Norman Lindsay - Etchings. A coffee table book from a school fete

The handle of my hallway sideboard - rare that you see detail like this in a piece of furniture

Sewing kit - Vintage cowgirl fabric

Vintage dress purchased at an op shop for $8 Looks better on than off!

Still not sure whether I will leave it long or cut it and have it hemmed short

Hydrangea pot - bought at a country antique sale

Maple sideboard, this is perfect for my new kitchen & dining area
Purchased at a Sydney Antique store.

'Lotte' 1970s dinnerset from my parents in their early married days
You can probably tell from looking at this bag... still smells like an old lady

A friend gave me this book when I wasn't well. Vintage don't you think.
Many moons ago...1991 - Mum and I having a Sunday drive in one of Dad's vintage cars.   A 1956 Plymouth Chrysler

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Love a silly season dinner in the city!!

Angel Place Lane Way,  heading to our meeting place

What a great way to make a little lane way interesting

The ivy, chill out area

Pool Bar, The Ivy

Looking out from the Den down to the courtyard

Stunning turquoise chesterfields - The Den @ The Ivy

Rainy night, but a great one... heading home.

A few days ago we had dinner in the city with some good friends.    Always a little effort involved... getting the kids sorted and yourself out the door but so worth it.  

On the way to the restaurant we walked through Angel Place lane way. Lots of suspended bird cages, wished I had my good camera with me. As you walk under them taped bird tweeting sounds can also be heard.

We dined at Sailors Thai at The Ivy....amazing food.

Afterwards we went upstairs to have a look at the pool bar.... Didn't look as cute in the rain. The interiors Justin Hemmes' team have used are just amazing. The Den where we had predinner drinks had turquoise chesterfields - stunning. The lighting, mirrors and wallpapers used are just an interior spectacle. Found it a little hard concentrating on chatting at times as the interior surroundings were so beautiful thus distracting!

Look forward to my next visit.  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A holiday to be remembered - Pauanui, New Zealand

James & I with our two younger boys Tom & Joe

The bride & groom - Ross & my cousin Clo

Joe & I, an amazing scene in the background for a wedding

 The backdrop for the wedding

 What was left of the wedding cake

A love seat

Short drive from Pauanui - amazing experience

 Joe jumping into the hot water baths at Hot Water Beach

Joe at Cathedral Cove

 We were thinking of our eldest son & wishing he was here

Stick house in progress

Joe and Tom in their stick house

Joe drawing in the sand

May only be for a few days but it is so good when you have a break away and you know you won't forget it for a long time.   Earlier in the year my cousin Chloe got married to her sweetheart Ross.   The wedding was held in Pauanui, New Zealand on the Coromandel Peninsular.   It was such a pretty place and having been there now I can understand why they chose to get married in this location.

Breathtaking scenery was an understatement.

Our eldest son Pat had just started high school so fortunately my in-laws looked after him and unfortunately for him he missed out on the trip.   He took it quite well, as I think starting a new school and having sporting trials kept his mind off it.

The wedding had such attention to detail with a vintage slant and you could really feel the love in the air.   Was a special time for our family to catch up with our New Zealand cousins who we love and are such good fun!!

The day after the wedding we drove to Hot Water Beach; about half an hours drive.   It was an amazing experience and a place I would recommend in a second. You need a shovel as the water is so hot.  You can hire them there for a small fee.  Once you have dug a small hole the water comes out and you can sit in it.  Very hot, although your body slowly adjusts to it.  Every so often you need to take a swim in the ocean to cool down.   An amazing thing to do for adults and kids alike.

Look forward to going to New Zealand again sometime and this time spending more time there.   Pat won't be missing the next trip. 

Lou ; )

Sunday, 6 November 2011

A kitchen worth waiting for....

Like many people's homes our kitchen is the hub of the house! Having had two small kitchens before (1 in this place and also 1 in our last place) it is just beautiful to have a lovely big kitchen.  When all the family or a crowd is over we can gather around the bench and catch up.   

It's fabulous that it is only a short stroll out to the pool too.

The lady we bought the house from who was 101 had lived here all her married life I believe.   Our neighbours tell us she was a beautiful woman and as you can see in the second photograph she had very simple taste; cute at the same time with the retro tiles.

In the side courtyard I have two lime trees and some herbs growing.   Lovely little spot to have a coffee or a read.

Lou ; )

Our new kitchen

Our original kitchen when we first moved in complete with cute vintage tiles.  

 When standing at the sink, we have a courtyard out to the left

 Like our ensuite, I managed to incorporate a couple of second-hand stain glass windows, I also have the big sister of the window above the door upstairs

 Doorway on the left is to the butler's pantry, which is still being finalised

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

An ensuite, a love bath, a little piece of heaven

We incorporated a cute stain glass window in our ensuite which I also did here and there in other parts of the house.

Nothing better than a long soak in some bath salts or aromatherapy oil at the end of the day.   Have been known to accompany it with a herbal tea or a champers!!

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