A holiday to be remembered - Pauanui, New Zealand

James & I with our two younger boys Tom & Joe

The bride & groom - Ross & my cousin Clo

Joe & I, an amazing scene in the background for a wedding

 The backdrop for the wedding

 What was left of the wedding cake

A love seat

Short drive from Pauanui - amazing experience

 Joe jumping into the hot water baths at Hot Water Beach

Joe at Cathedral Cove

 We were thinking of our eldest son & wishing he was here

Stick house in progress

Joe and Tom in their stick house

Joe drawing in the sand

May only be for a few days but it is so good when you have a break away and you know you won't forget it for a long time.   Earlier in the year my cousin Chloe got married to her sweetheart Ross.   The wedding was held in Pauanui, New Zealand on the Coromandel Peninsular.   It was such a pretty place and having been there now I can understand why they chose to get married in this location.

Breathtaking scenery was an understatement.

Our eldest son Pat had just started high school so fortunately my in-laws looked after him and unfortunately for him he missed out on the trip.   He took it quite well, as I think starting a new school and having sporting trials kept his mind off it.

The wedding had such attention to detail with a vintage slant and you could really feel the love in the air.   Was a special time for our family to catch up with our New Zealand cousins who we love and are such good fun!!

The day after the wedding we drove to Hot Water Beach; about half an hours drive.   It was an amazing experience and a place I would recommend in a second. You need a shovel as the water is so hot.  You can hire them there for a small fee.  Once you have dug a small hole the water comes out and you can sit in it.  Very hot, although your body slowly adjusts to it.  Every so often you need to take a swim in the ocean to cool down.   An amazing thing to do for adults and kids alike.

Look forward to going to New Zealand again sometime and this time spending more time there.   Pat won't be missing the next trip. 

Lou ; )

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