Sunday, 6 November 2011

A kitchen worth waiting for....

Like many people's homes our kitchen is the hub of the house! Having had two small kitchens before (1 in this place and also 1 in our last place) it is just beautiful to have a lovely big kitchen.  When all the family or a crowd is over we can gather around the bench and catch up.   

It's fabulous that it is only a short stroll out to the pool too.

The lady we bought the house from who was 101 had lived here all her married life I believe.   Our neighbours tell us she was a beautiful woman and as you can see in the second photograph she had very simple taste; cute at the same time with the retro tiles.

In the side courtyard I have two lime trees and some herbs growing.   Lovely little spot to have a coffee or a read.

Lou ; )

Our new kitchen

Our original kitchen when we first moved in complete with cute vintage tiles.  

 When standing at the sink, we have a courtyard out to the left

 Like our ensuite, I managed to incorporate a couple of second-hand stain glass windows, I also have the big sister of the window above the door upstairs

 Doorway on the left is to the butler's pantry, which is still being finalised


  1. What a fabulous job you have done! Just LOVE your kitchen - the tiles, the lights, the cabinets, the clock.....everything really! I can just imagine sitting in your little courtyard relaxing with a coffee. Thanks so much for visiting today and for your sweet comments. So excited to be your latest follower. ;)Sharyne

  2. Your kitchen is glorious, congratulations, you just need that as your Christmas Card now & you're set!! How lovely that your home has a history, good vibes all the way, love Posie

  3. It is totally gorgeous. A lovely kitchen with a warm heart. Love it.

  4. Gorgeous kitchen - big & stylish - every cook's dream. How crazy is that original kitchen!

  5. The original kitchen is amazing isn't it.... are all our wants and dreams just a little ott? The old lady who used to live here may think so. But No...

    Bigger family means bigger kitchen! The original kitchen is now the boys bathroom. Makes more sense with the house plan and layout!

    Lou ; )

  6. Wow your house is amazing and your kitchen just sensational. I love your style and exquisite taste. Nice to make you acquaintance and welcome to the blogging world. I am a newbie too! Min

  7. Oh I LOVE your kitchen, and your dress like a lady 40th sounds superb.
    Cheers Kylie


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