Love a silly season dinner in the city!!

Angel Place Lane Way,  heading to our meeting place

What a great way to make a little lane way interesting

The ivy, chill out area

Pool Bar, The Ivy

Looking out from the Den down to the courtyard

Stunning turquoise chesterfields - The Den @ The Ivy

Rainy night, but a great one... heading home.

A few days ago we had dinner in the city with some good friends.    Always a little effort involved... getting the kids sorted and yourself out the door but so worth it.  

On the way to the restaurant we walked through Angel Place lane way. Lots of suspended bird cages, wished I had my good camera with me. As you walk under them taped bird tweeting sounds can also be heard.

We dined at Sailors Thai at The Ivy....amazing food.

Afterwards we went upstairs to have a look at the pool bar.... Didn't look as cute in the rain. The interiors Justin Hemmes' team have used are just amazing. The Den where we had predinner drinks had turquoise chesterfields - stunning. The lighting, mirrors and wallpapers used are just an interior spectacle. Found it a little hard concentrating on chatting at times as the interior surroundings were so beautiful thus distracting!

Look forward to my next visit.  Have a great weekend.