Wednesday, 30 November 2011

So yesterday - love you all ... little bits of Vintage

Finding something at an op shop, antique clearing sale, school fair or second hand furniture store is my thing. Mixing up the old with the new and sticking with the classics in an eclectic way.

Many of the homeware stores today, you may have noticed are selling reproduction furniture and some of them look quite cheaply made. Some look fabulous too, but I just find when you are looking for a special piece it's so much nicer if it makes it's own statement. You don't want the same as Joe Bloggs around the corner! Each to their own, but I love a good piece of real furniture, some history attached. Even if a little restoring is required or re-upholstering... that is easily fixed.

Stirred up by a blog I follow Andrea has a great blog and has dared all her blog followers to go vintage this week. Check out her blog if you are not already a follower; it's fab!

Here's a few bits and pieces I have around me that are vintage. Love them all.

Made in Hawaii - USA on the tag / Cute clutch

The necklace my Dad gave my Mum on their engagement - almost a choker

Norman Lindsay - Etchings. A coffee table book from a school fete

The handle of my hallway sideboard - rare that you see detail like this in a piece of furniture

Sewing kit - Vintage cowgirl fabric

Vintage dress purchased at an op shop for $8 Looks better on than off!

Still not sure whether I will leave it long or cut it and have it hemmed short

Hydrangea pot - bought at a country antique sale

Maple sideboard, this is perfect for my new kitchen & dining area
Purchased at a Sydney Antique store.

'Lotte' 1970s dinnerset from my parents in their early married days
You can probably tell from looking at this bag... still smells like an old lady

A friend gave me this book when I wasn't well. Vintage don't you think.
Many moons ago...1991 - Mum and I having a Sunday drive in one of Dad's vintage cars.   A 1956 Plymouth Chrysler


  1. I love that photo of you & your mum - what a fantastic car!

    PS I have set up a new blog if you feel like popping by!

  2. Thanks Melissah will definitely pop by, great name.

    Do u like my revamped blog design? Katrina from Media Maid did it for me ; )

    Just need to tweak a few of my photos they have disappeared on a couple of posts


  3. My mum had a Lotte dinner set that we used as our everyday set when I was growing up.
    Love your dad's vintage car.
    Kylie x


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