December you crept up on us....

Have done very well in the flower department lately as I had an operation and got thoroughly spoilt by family and friends.  Fortunately, I recovered really quickly and bounced back into the usual swing of things after a few days.   My inlaws, hubby, kids, mum etc were a fantastic help; I was so lucky to have their help.  Here's a few; couldn't resist capturing their beauty

Oriental Lillies from my niece Sarah

Love photographing the different stages of a flower opening

A small part of an agapantha rapped in a pinky green leaf - from Joe, my 7 year old

My sister and her daughter Katie gave me these orangey red roses 

They had an early morning at the flower markets, one of my favourite spots to go too

Tom's cricket, love the blue sky and clouds tying in with the green... was a good game too.

Pat's mate Tom doing one of many tricks off the wall

Pat on landing

Joe jumping on the tramp while the big boys were still in the pool

Made them all a couple of home made pizzas

Makes it easier with my running man pizza cutter

Tom found a blue tongue lizard in our front garden, set it free again just after this shot

After reading one of my many health/lose weight kind of books I own - I decided to start...
Tom, Joe and I went for a bike ride, have also had a couple of walks over the last week.


At cricket on the weekend I was talking to a couple of other mums and we decided we should aim to do a 5km fun run in 2012.   We all need an aim and it's not far but for us it would be a milestone if we completed 5km.   Watch this space.

This month out of our family of 5 we have 4 birthdays - all not far from Christmas.  I am the 15th, Pat is the 20th, Joe is the 27th and James is the 30th.  Every year I wish December wasn't so busy or hectic but it just tends to be that way with end of year concerts, dinners out, Christmas parties, shopping, birthdays. 

Don't want to whinge for a minute, just 10 seconds...  

I know so many are suffering, and particularly at this time of year.     Homeless people feel a deeper sadness as they may not have food, money, shelter or family support that most of us have.  Christmas is in their face everywhere and they can't grab it with two hands like we can.   At times through no fault of their own.

We can be too quick to take what we have for granted.   World Vision helps buy a goat as gifts or a chicken and many of these initiatives are great if you want to give back at Christmas.   Also buying Christmas cards that are affiliated with charities are an easy way to give back.

Receiving is great, Giving is better 

City stores here I come tomorrow to tackle the 2nd day of my Christmas shopping aiming to bowl it over.

; )