After Christmas and fresh New Year

We were lucky enough to be able to spend Christmas Day with both sides of our families.

We had a lunch with my husbands family for 16 in Canberra then a sit down dinner for 36 at my brother and his wife's place in the country. We tried not to over indulge in Canberra so we were able to squeeze in two Christmas meals.

Always great to catch up with all the cousins and to have quality time together.

We had a quiet New Years for a change and it was exactly what we needed. We took the boys to see the 9pm fireworks and just had a chillout evening at home.

New Years resolutions are:

~ to Garden more and get the vegie patch/herb garden thriving and make our front garden tidier

~ Wrap up the last bits and pieces on the renovation with our builders

~ Get a part time job

~ Establish a more regular and consistent exercise routine. Particularly yoga, pilates, cycling and jogging

~ Bake more - always good to know what ingredients is in the food we eat

~ Drink more water - I know most of us in our family aren't having 2 litres a day

~ Backing up my photos to hard drive - you don't know what you've got til it's gone!!

Thats a good start anyways. Heading off now on a ten day break to the Sunshine Coast. We are all so looking forward to the beach days, stand up paddle boarding, fishing, boating, cricket and relaxing.

Little over 3 weeks until the kids go back to school now...... Hopefully it doesn't fly by too quickly.

Doing this entry on my iPhone as we are travelling..... unfortunately I can't rearrange my photos properly until we get there.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their holidays too!