Sunday, 22 January 2012

Outdoor entertaining - Inspiration

Our recent holiday to the Sunshine Coast came to an end a few days ago.

We had such a fabulous holiday... early morning walks along the beach, stand up paddle boarding, catching up with friends and family and the usual indulging in food & drinks. The boys were lucky we were staying on a fairly quiet street for their skateboards and scooter. They also did some fishing and got a few small fish. One of their mates actually got more than he bargained for when he landed a baby shark (with the help from his Dad). He can tick that off his bucket list. A girl nearby doing stand up paddle boarding cleared out of the water very quickly.

We have been getting back into the new year doing all the housey jobs that await you and more of what we were doing before Christmas - Culling and giving things that we don't use or need to St Vincent De Paul. How do we acquire so much junk/stuff? 2012 is going to be a year of living minimally and not being a hoarder; a trait I have inherited from my Mum that I need to break. So far so good.

For anyone doing or needing inspiration for an outdoor area I have posted some great pics of the place we stayed at. An entertainers dream!


  1. Living minimally 2012, better join our challenge Lou...One 'green' a change a month...
    This place looks fantastic, was it cool? Temp I mean...

  2. I did send you a twitter note - I am in Jo on the Green challenge!

    Regarding the temp we had mostly sunny days and a couple of rainy days.

    T'was lovely

    Lou x

  3. Great holiday photos - what a catch!
    I love that outdoor entertaining space - that would be perfect for us!


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