Monday, 19 March 2012

Housework versus a fun photoshoot

Last Friday I could have comfortably spent the day - the whole day... doing house work. I also had an appointment with my niece - to take some pictures of her. It's no secret I love photography, and I was looking forward to our day together as much as she was.

I got up early and tried to get a few housey jobs done before I took the boys to school and before I picked up my niece.

We spent from 10.30 - 2.30 together. We achieved heaps during the short window of time we had to work with. We had a few laughs and covered a few different locations and a few outfits.

Have included a few of our shots and as you will see the weather was glorious!

Do you too get taken away from housework to do more fun things ?


  1. Miss Lou

    I love the floppy hat shot the best even though they are all beautiful.

    What lovely keepsakes too. Gorgeous face.

    have a lovely day

    x Loulou

  2. Lovely photos, and what fun! I love the floppy hat one, too. It looks like she stepped straight out of the 70s, amazing shot!


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