School Hols - simple pleasures & One Direction

School holidays are the best! After a busy term 1 at school we all needed a holiday and we are loving it; almost at the end of week 1! Sleeping in, long pyjama mornings and having no usual sporting commitments. No racing around from A to B and C to D.

Apart from the 3 generations boys camping trip over Easter we are not going away. Living in Sydney there is always something to do so we are very lucky. Being a 'tourist in your own city' is always great for the kids or doing simple things like going to the park or the oval for some kicking practice. At the park there's a big swing which I can fit on with the boys. Thank you Council for the big swing, it's pretty cool; not a care in the world when we're on it. I get really dizzy when they spin me around too fast though; call me boring or too old but I just like to go back and forth. Going green is not fun.

Yesterday we went with Grandma to the Fish Markets. Once the boys got over the initial smell they enjoyed looking at all the fish, crabs, octopus, lobsters and boats. It's foodie heaven at the fish markets; the cheeses, olives and condiments and a fabulous fruit shop. We also shared a big platter of seafood while we were there - so good! My eldest son is a Jamie Oliver in the making so he loved it, especially looking at all the cheeses and herbs etc.

With the corporate working day almost over my two eldest went into the city to meet up with hub. I dropped them there straight from the fish markets. They got more then they bargained for. With walking a block to their Dads work, they were surprised to get caught up with 100s of girls screaming for One Direction outside The Intercontinental. When the boys got home they said it was an adrenaline rush. So cute!! They are not huge One Direction fans but I think they loved experiencing the hype and the atmosphere and seeing so many girls their age on mass! An experience like that is great - doesn't cost a cent; it just presents itself and you enjoy it for what it's worth!! They secretly loved every minute of it.


These boys can draw a crowd of screaming girls

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