Pondering ...

Looking back at these photos I took of my 19 year old niece Kate, not so long ago, on a beautiful sunny Sydney day... I have started looking into Photography courses.    It was such a fun day and we worked hard in terms of going to a few different locations and I was delighted with how much we got done between 10am and 230pm.   Had to be home for school pick up of course!

I am lucky to have 8 nieces and its always great to have a day like this seeing as I am mostly hanging with my 3 boys doing 'boy things' so to speak.   I have also taken photos similar to this of another one of my nieces and they were great too.    So good that they let me practise on them.

Taking photos has always been a passion of mine.   Capturing people, places, buildings, babies, interiors, emotion, excitement... anything really.   My husband gave me the camera I have at the moment, a few years ago for Mothers Day and I have given it a good work out ever since.

Having project managed our house renovation and I feel like I can now sink my teeth into a fun course just for me.  Photography & Interiors are the courses that I have been looking closely at.  Cannot wait; just need to see when they start and which one I will get the most out of!!!

Any recommendations to a good photography course in Sydney would be welcomed.

Happy Monday.....

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