Possum in the roof


Don't be fooled by this cute image.... I know they are protected and we wouldn't dream of harming them, but OMG do they make some racquet when they are in the ceiling directly above our bed!

Just as we wanted to go to sleep they sounded as though they/it are in full 'party mode' or full 'furniture moving' mode.   The scratching and noise in general was unbelievable.

My husband bailed early and went to sleep on No 3's bottom bunk and I thought I could tough it out.  An hour or so later  ignoring it was impossible.  The scratching was so much I had visions of it/they falling through my newish ceiling and scratching my eyes out!   A little while later I headed for the back lounge, doona and pillow in hand.

A couple of weeks ago a big branch from our next door neighbours' jacaranda fell onto our roof breaking the corner of the guttering, breaking the clothesline and some broken terracotta tile was evident too.  Guessing maybe it's got in through the broken tile as this is the first time we've had a visitor like this in the roof.


I have a possum man here at the moment so fingers crossed he finds how it got in and works out how to get it out preferably by tonight - that would be lovely!

ps: it is the cost of a good pair of shoes to rectify this