Don't go every week - this is why

Yesterday I went to Aldi. I don't go there every week. Mix things up between Coles, Woolies, About Life (organic/free range), corner store & Aldi.

With Aldi, I find you walk in needing a few things and walk out with a few one off purchases on top of the necessities that you think are great bargains and can't resist.

Yesterday was no exception. See below a couple of the things I bought. My coffee machine broke a little while ago so this milk frother combined with a plunger has just produced a fine cappuccino. Also, made the boys a hot chocolate - woo hoo. It's almost paid for itself.

Aldi, appreciate the bargains and look forward to flicking through a few mags and having a snooze in the pop up beach tent. All good in our hood, bring on the holidays.

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