Monday, 22 April 2013

Just to whiz around the local area

I often joke around but half serious that I would love one - a red or mint green vespa that is. I would just whiz around on it in the local area - not too fast. I would use it to pick up some bread and milk, visit Mum, my girlfriends and find the perfect little parking space.

While on holidays recently at the Sunshine Coast without my other half (he was working) I said to the boys lets hire one. Saw the sign on them that you could rent one, as long as you had a driver licence. I was half way there; had the drivers licence just needed to find the gutsy carefree courage. Thought it would be a good dress rehearsal if I ever got one.

Talk about kids bursting their parents bubble... My eldest son, with all his 14 years of wisdom said 'No way Mum, I forbid you'. I got told, so to speak.

He was acting like the boss I guess without my husband around. When I told my husband about it, on the way home from the airport he laughed. He said I'm glad the boys didn't let you... I've seen you drive a car with the safety of multiple air bags and that's bad enough. So funny... yes we all laughed in the car.

Being the only responsible one over the break it would have been my one chance at freedom which is exactly why I flirted with the idea (albeit briefly). Maybe next time I just won't tell them!


  1. What a shame. You never really know freedom until you've ridden on two wheels. I agree though that that was probably not the time and place to start riding. You need all the proper gear and to have a training course or two. The LAMS system we have in NSW is a better way to go. I encourage you to live your dream, perhaps just start with a pre-learner course. (If you're in NSW I recommend HART, St Ives, or Let's Scooter, Brookvale). If you ride for other traffic (as these courses teach you), it is a very safe mode of transport, and extremely fun! Even if all you do is the pre-learner course, you will enjoy yourself, gain confidence and it will make you a better driver. From one scooter-chick to another, give it a go! The men in your life may even want to join you ;)

    1. Thanks for the great tips. The men in my life may want to join in - so true. L


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