The icing on the cake to a fab weekend

A couple of weeks ago I got a leave pass from my family.  Woo Hoo, doesn't happen very often!   Being the only girl in our family of 5 it was a little piece of heaven I have to say.

I went to my first ever Problogger Conference.  It was held at the groovy QT Hotel Gold Coast.  I can confidently say that Darren Rowse and his team really know how to host an amazing 2 Day event.  The speakers and sessions, cocktail party, morning teas and lunches were streamlined and so honestly interesting.

By the end of the 2 Days it felt like I had been away for maybe 5 days.  Few people along with myself felt like we had to go home and just process everything - in a good way.  Ok I put my hand up there were a few cocktails had and some Ice Ice Baby at the QT Stingray Bar dancefloor.   You know what i mean...

The whole weekend was so inspiring & informative.  Feel blessed to have heard so many amazing speakers and also to have met so many fabulous attendees.

Saturday evening Robyn from shared a cab with me back to the Gold Coast airport.  As we were waiting to board I noticed Therese Kerr from also waiting to board a flight.   

Said to Robyn I would love to meet her and let her know how fantastic I think her website is.  In the next breath said I was  too shy to go up and interrupt her at an airport.  Robyn said to me 'Go on, I'm sure she would love to hear that you love her writing'.... After sometime of digging deep for courage, I did.  Sounds corny but it was a life changing 5/10 minute conversation.  Therese Kerr is gorgeous inside and out.   If you are not already following her, have a look.  She
has a beautiful Instagram @theresekerr .  What an unbelievable 2 day conference and a chance meeting with Therese Kerr at the airport on the way home was simply the icing on the cake.

A pool shot - QT Goldcoast from my balcony

Darren Rowse - Problogger

One of Therese Kerr's Instagram images, so true... but sometimes we hold back.  Doing my best to throw caution to the wind.

Therese Kerr -
[A holistic approach to health & wellness]
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